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Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS) expands the boundaries of regenerative medicine and allows researchers to achieve and surpass their goals with the revolutionary RMS media formulation, ProgenMix™.

Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS), a privately-owned company operating near Madison, Wisconsin, has assembled a team of experts under the leadership of renowned stem cell researchers to develop a protocol to grow healthy and resilient pancreatic cells..
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ProgenMix™ Media Formulation

Provides a highly differentiated product that allows scientists and researchers…


RMS Personalized Consulting Services

RMS provides personalized consulting services in conjunction with sales of ProgenMix™ to major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, institutions and researchers conducting research studies on a worldwide basis. RMS can provide unmatched and superior consulting in the diabetes and stem cell fields due to our extensive expertise and customer service commitment.

Whats New?

RMS Customer Summit, December 6-15. Vail, CO.

Come visit with RMS in luxurious Vail, CO in one of the premier condos right across from the major ski lift. RMS will be holding continuous seminars educating customers on our products…

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