About Us

Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS)

  • Privately-owned company operating in Madison, Wisconsin (MG&E Innovation Center) and Chicago, Illinois
  • Team of experts in the field of stem cell research which allows RMS to make unprecedented scientific breakthroughs
  • Extensive experience in stem cell development, pancreatic islet biology, and islet transplantation
  • Broad business experience, with proven track record of entrepreneurship, product development, strategic growth, partnerships and corporate development
  • Collaborations with researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison, national pharmaceutical companies, and international biotech companies.

Mission & Vision

  Diabetes is a major worldwide health concern that currently affects millions of people worldwide and places great financial burden on society. Further troubling is that its growth rate continues to skyrocket. Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS), a Chicago and Madison-based company, was formed to combat these alarming trends in diabetes through the use of its stem cell derived Islet-Like Clusters (ILC) for dual use in drug discovery applications (screening, toxicity, efficacy testing) and direct therapeutic use targeting diabetes. We know many families are affected by diabetes, including our own, which is a significant motivation in our quest to find a cure.

Advanced Research Facility

RMS produces human induced pluripotent stem cell derived Islet-Like Clusters (ILC) for dual research tool and therapeutic use targeting diabetes. ILC were developed after over 15 years of research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the lab of world renowned researcher, Dr. Jon Odorico, MD, FACS and have undergone eight additional years of further research at RMS. This has resulted in several granted and pending patents to form a strong IP portfolio.

leadership team

President and CEO

Co-Founder, Scientist

Vice president