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Grants, last few years

NIH/NIDDK Phase II SBIR awarded Sept 2015

Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived beta-cells for drug and toxicity testing.

NIH/NIDDK Phase 1 SBIR awarded July 2016

Diabetes drug screening platforms using patient pancreatic islet-like cells generated from induced pluripotent stem cells.

NIH/NIDDK Phase I SBIR awarded Sept 2016

Development of a rapid and inexpensive luciferase-based high throughput screening assay to identify compounds that alter pancreatic β cell function.

NIH/NIDDK Phase I SBIR awarded Sept 2016

Engineered pancreatic endocrine cells that report beta cell toxicity for use in high throughput screening applications.

WI SBIR Advance awarded 2017

WI SBIR Advance awarded 2017


                        Development of a safer stem cell-based diabetes therapy via suicide gene-mediated ablation of proliferative cells.

                                  Evaluation of a beta cell replacement therapy combined product that avoids the need for immunosuppression via localized induction of immune tolerance