Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS) has developed a novel and proprietary technology to transform stem cells into insulin producing cells. Our pancreatic islet like cluster (ILC) cells are morphologically and functionally similar to β islet cells isolated from the human body. They contain glucagon producing alpha cells, somatostatin producing delta cells and insulin producing β islet cells.




We have leveraged our ILC technology to develop two product lines:

  • ILC Cells– A specially formulated cryopreserved single cell ILC’s that can be used for diabetes research, drug discovery and toxicity testing.
  • ILC cellular therapeutic candidate – Our diabetes cellular therapeutic that is under pre-clinical development.


RMS has built a substantial IP and know-how (trade secret) portfolio over the years in additional to exclusive and non-exclusive licensing of IP from academic institutions.


  • Issued Patent (8,685,730): “Methods and Devices For Differentiating Pluripotent Stem Cells Into Cells Of The Pancreatic Lineage”
  • Issued Patent (9,540,613 B2), RMS was a co-inventor with University of Wisconsin: “Methods For Producing Insulin-secreting Beta Cells From Human Pluripotent Stem Cells”
  • Issued Patent (9,828,634): Markers for differentiation of stem cells into differentiated cell populations.
  • Issued Patent (9,765,302): Compositions and methods for differentiating stem cells into cell. populations comprising beta-like cells. 
  • Non-exclusive license from Academia Japan to practice iPSC methods for both research tools and therapy.