About Us

Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS) expands the boundaries of regenerative medicine, allows researchers to achieve and surpass their goals with the revolutionary RMS media formulation, ProgenMix™ and seeks to continually innovate in developing a successful treatment for diabetes.

Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS), a privately-owned company operating near Madison, Wisconsin, has assembled a team of experts under the leadership of renowned stem cell researchers to develop a protocol to grow healthy and resilient pancreatic cells from ethically derived human induced pluripotent stem cells. RMS avoids the use of human embryonic stem cells in its products for ethical considerations.

Utilizing our media formulation, ProgenMix™, laboratories are be able to cultivate stem cell lines more efficiently and subsequently be able to more effectively use these tools in research. The RMS media formulation works with multiple iPS and embryonic stem cell lines and is able to deliver robust and consistent results.

ProgenMix™ has a wide range of applications from innovative scientific research to testing the effectiveness, or conversely the potential toxicity of candidate drugs. Since our product is human cell derived, they can achieve more accurate results and allow for more effective research.

We are committed to achieving consistent results with our innovative products that can not only benefit multiple areas of research but subsequently improve the healthcare system and society overall.

Looking into the future, RMS is poised to continually develop revolutionary treatments and applications of our pancreatic cell lineage, which has the potential to cure and significantly improve the quality of life for the millions worldwide affected by diabetes.