Resmed approach (best)

The ResMed approach to addressing diabetes has significant advantages over competing
therapies. We do not use embryonic stem cells in our therapy. There are ethical and political concerns
associated with using this approach since it involves the destruction of human embryos. By
using the patient’s own blood cells in our treatment the ethical concerns are removed.
Our therapy introduces mature islet like clusters to the patient, providing pancreatic support and
function. Competing therapies are limited to stem cell or pancreatic progenitors which over tnme
can over time, de-dfferentiate or mutate.
Use of our therapies does not involve immunosuppression or encapsulation. Both of these
immune system protection methods can compromise the cells and inhibit the efficacy of the
treatment. Introduction of autologous cells with our method avoids both of these critical
concerns. Superior delivery method. We use a intrahepatic versus subcutaneous method. The intrahepatic
method has been proven to be effective in transplanting cadaver islets. The subcutaneous
method is poorly vascularized by patients.
Performance of our product is on a level with pancreatic transplant cells. Other therapies yield
far lower results and may not initially produce the desired results.