RMS Personalized Consulting Services

RMS provides personalized consulting services in conjunction with sales of ProgenMix™ to major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, institutions and researchers conducting research studies on a worldwide basis. RMS can provide unmatched and superior consulting in the diabetes and stem cell fields due to our extensive expertise and customer service commitment. Through both phone access and in-person support, RMS is flexible in meeting all client needs. Our services are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet and exceed any client requests or solutions necessary to make a value-added experience.

Client questions can be answered promptly by calling RMS and speaking directly to experienced laboratory personnel. Whether it is a technical question or product inquiry, our personnel seek to provide clear, concise answers in a timely matter to improve your customer experience. Inquiries can be submitted via email to info@regenmedsolutions.com or via phone at 312-725-6450.

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